Ensuring the efficiency of the company is the objective of all entrepreneurs, integrating areas of intervention and critical issues with improved processes meanscreating value for the company itself.

Therefore, knowing the exact value of a company helps not only to assess the economic and equity situation, according to the entrepreneur, it actually makes it possible to protect the company and its shareholders, avoiding potential disputes and ensuring business continuity.

In fact, the subjective valuation of the entrepreneur is often influenced by an emotional factor and so may turn out to be untruthful.
This does not protect the company and may negatively influence long-term strategic decisions.

Analysis of financial statements

We analysis the financial statements of your company and all the relevant economic-financial ratios to give you a clear and detailed picture


We analyse the market in which you operate, your competitive positioning and the associated Market Shares

Business Plan

We devise a customised Business Plan for your company

Final valuation

We identify the Equity Value and the Enterprise Value according to financial market principles


  • Find out the real value of your company according to the market

  • Identify critical corporate issues

  • Deliver process efficiency

  • Protect the company

  • Manage the generational change

  • Calibrate the insurance premium