We help entrepreneurs to improve their company through strategic advisory services geared towards boosting the efficiency of the individual business units and the company’s general organisation, improving the financial statements and thereby making it easier to access credit.

Economic-financial analysis

Acquisitions and mergers are an integral part of a correct growth and internationalisation strategy.

Short/medium-term initiatives

We employ ad hoc strategies in the short/medium-term by analysing “factors/causes” and quickly taking the necessary corrective actions.

Preparation of Due Diligence

We support the entrepreneur in the M&A process, preparing the necessary Due Diligence documents.

Identification of financial partners

We identify the right financial partners (partners in joint ventures, sellers, distributors, suppliers, consultants and agents) to ensure your company’s business runs smoothly.


  • Improve business unit efficiency

  • Identify potential critical issues

  • Improve production processes

  • Transfer of trade receivables

  • Restructuring of financial statements

  • Ease of accessing credit