Acquisitions and mergers are an integral part of a correct growth and internationalisation strategy. Companies that carry out M&As actually create more value in terms of profits and growth compared to those who do not use said leverage. This type of activity represents a major accelerator in businesses’ growth process, improving their competitive position and visibility.

GU Capital offers advisory services and assistance in all phases of the various M&A activities, including disposals or acquisitions of equity interests, share capital increases, transfers of assets and other related extraordinary transactions.

GU Capital’s advisors operate as:

Seller Advisor (sell-side)

We support customers in identifying the most suitable counterparty, not only in terms of maximising the sale price, but in the search for key potential synergies for future growth.

Buyer Advisor (buy-side)

We provide assistance to institutional investors and industrial groups in identifying potential investment targets at European level that best meet their strategic objectives.


  • Taking advantage of economies of scale due to greater economic concentration

  • Acceleration of growth

  • Leverage for innovation

  • Increase in know-how

  • More competitiveness in the market

  • More attractive investments

  • Internationalisation

  • Position of advantage in the financial market